How much does Session Savvy cost?

Session Savvy only costs $10.00 a month. You can also get a discount by paying annually!

While you might pay $20 a month for invoicing software, and another $35 a month for booking software. Then you may pay $15 a month for a scheduling tool. Session Savvy offers all of those features under one roof for a simple low price.

Does Session Savvy charge a commission?

No, Session Savvy does not add any commission or additional charges. When you collect payment through invoices or mini sessions, you only pay a processing fee to your payment processor.

How many team members can I have under my Session Savvy account?

You can invite up to 5 team members at no extra charge.

Which payment processors does Session Savvy connect with?

Session Savvy integrates with your Stripe account to allow you to collect payment for invoices, mini sessions, and deposits. If you already have a Stripe account, it takes about 30 seconds!

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