How to keep your client workflow organized

It's a challenge. In the early days, it's pretty easy to keep track of your three clients a month. Then you have three clients a week... at a certain point, it's not uncommon for you to have three clients booked on the same day. Depending on what type of sessions you're booking, there may be a lot of details to have to keep track of.

The first step to an organized client workflow is to identify the steps of your process that apply to ALL of your sessions. Every photographer is going to manage their process differently, so you need to find what works best for you. Don't worry if you leave a step out, you'll realize it very quickly and you can make changes.

Session Savvy allows you to set up your workflow and keep track of the progress, easily providing you with an overview of anything you may have missed.

The ideal client workflow for a photographer

Here's an example of a fantastic client workflow that one Newborn photographer uses to manage her client workflow: 

As you can see, the various steps of the process are laid out from left to right.

  1. Have you culled this session yet?
  2. Have you posted sneak peeks to social media?
  3. Have you edited this session?
  4. Have you ordered prints?
  5. Has this session been backed up?
  6. Have you delivered the digital files or prints to your client?
  7. Lastly, which hard drive is this session backed up on?

Being able to quickly see where you're at on all of your sessions is so important and will reduce a lot of stress and anxiety. As mentioned above, every photographer will find that various steps of the process apply to them, or maybe they have their own unique steps that nobody else practices. Session Savvy can accommodate and help make your life easier!

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