How does Session Savvy help you communicate with clients?

We all hate email. Most of us hate instant messages. The reality is, it all becomes white-noise. It's so easy for messages to go unread, or we forget to respond because the message came through while we were driving.. and we're all safe drivers, so we don't reply right then, right? Session Savvy has you covered. By examining the communication process of many different photographers, we decided to try to build a simple to use and foolproof communication system. You can use it whether you have your own website, or just run your business through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Here's how it works: Session Savvy provides you with a simple to embed contact form that you can drop in on your website, or a link that you can point directly to. When a potential client completes the contact/inquiry form on your website, you immediately receive an email notification. This email is mostly just a notification and includes the details of the inquiry, but it will also direct you to view the inquiry within Session Savvy where you will handle your actual client communication. No more having to search through your gmail for details about a specific client or session! If you get a lot of inquiries around the same type of photography sessions, you can utilize email templates! These let you quickly reply by pre-populating your response with dynamic values that relate to the client you're messaging.

Having all of your communication stored in one system makes your life so much easier. Never again forget if you were chatting via email, Facebook messenger, or morse code.

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