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Session Savvy streamlines the process of creating invoices, ensuring simplicity and efficiency for users. Rather than navigating to a separate system to generate an invoice, all necessary tools and information are conveniently centralized within our platform. This integration eliminates the need for unnecessary back-and-forth between different applications or platforms.

Within Session Savvy, photographers can effortlessly access client information, seamlessly connecting it to their existing workflows. Whether managing client data or tracking gift cards, all relevant functionalities are easily accessible from a single interface. This cohesive approach enhances productivity by minimizing the time spent switching between various tools or systems.

Once the invoice is meticulously prepared within Session Savvy, users can promptly send it to their clients for review and reference. This streamlined communication process ensures clarity and transparency between photographers and their clients, fostering stronger professional relationships. By facilitating seamless interactions, Session Savvy empowers users to maintain a professional image and enhance client satisfaction.

Furthermore, Session Savvy enables users to collect payments directly through the platform, simplifying the transaction process. By integrating with payment gateways such as Stripe, users can securely accept payments without the hassle of navigating to external platforms. This seamless payment collection mechanism enhances convenience for both photographers and their clients, facilitating smooth and efficient transactions.

In conclusion, Session Savvy revolutionizes the invoicing process by offering a comprehensive solution that combines client management, workflow integration, invoicing, and payment collection within a single platform. By streamlining these essential tasks, Session Savvy empowers photographers to focus more on their craft and client relationships, ultimately driving business success.



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Build and send customized questionnaires to easily collect information from your clients.


Create, and send invoices to your clients. Invoices also make it easy to collect payment!

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